Technology pervades all aspects of existence in Eclipse Phase. Most individuals understand that unless humanity suffers another event like the Fall or they personally suffer some very serious and unlikely accident, they are unlikely to permanently die. More people are now planning for a very long future. For most people these schemes are fairly minimal, but they often include an awareness that few, if any, relationships are likely to last an entire lifetime. However, functional immortality is only one of the many wonders of the modern world.


Where you live


Getting there and back Electronically or the old fashioned way


Sending your mind to Somewhere Else


Your body, physical, human or otherwise


The little voice in your head


3d Printing to it’s logical conclusion. Also known as Makers, Fabbers and Cornucopia Machines

Mesh Media

AR – Augmented Reality – What you see if far more than really exists.
VR – Virtual Reality – What you see exists only inside a computer.
XP – Experience Playback: What you see is what someone else saw.


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