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Re: Inner System Politics

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It’s easy for Firewall agents to get caught between the agendas and maneuvers of rival factions. The Lunar-Lagrange Alliance resembles the power of old, a shadow of transhumanity’s former glory. On and above Mars—transhumanity’s new home world—the Planetary Consortium is the dominant usurper, the hypercorps ruling from behind the curtain while portraying themselves as the only bulwark between transhumanity and the dark between the stars. The Morningstar Constellation has the potential to become the new and future power bloc, but only if they get their act together before the Planetary Consortium starts sending Stellar Intelligence agents to destabilize them.

SolArchive Search: Incapacitating Inputs

During the Fall, the attacking TITANs used a variety of AR and online intrusions that interfered with or even incapacitated their targets. The most basic of these were deceptive AR illusions made to convince people that their physical environment was very different from what it actually was. This fooled people into attacking their fellows or simply instigated mass panic. More advanced versions targeted the empathic elements of AR, triggering fear or other emotional responses. Still others blasted their targets with overbearing sensory input, so strong that it bypassed filters and inflicted neurological damage. Despite rumors and fears of so-called “basilisk hacks” — visual or other sensory-input attacks that allegedly subverted transhuman minds by exploiting the way brains processed such data — no credible reports have been verified.

An Exsurgent Threat?

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Ok, you asked, so I’ll tell you. There are some elements within Firewall that don’t buy into the TITANs-ran-amok-and-considered-us-a-threat idea, or even that the TITANs are solely responsible for the Fall. These people think that the TITANs found or encountered something when they started their takeoff toward the singularity — something that changed them. They point to the wide range of multi-vector virii that ran loose during the Fall, and how even many of the TITANs seem to have succumbed to these infections. They also reference a disturbing number of accounts of events during the Fall that are inexplicable … things like people being transformed into strange, alien creatures … or phenomena that seem to defy certain physical laws, as if something was at times ignoring what we know of physics and just doing whatever it felt like … Some of these voices within Firewall even think that the TITANs may not have been responsible for the Pandora Gates … They have a name for this mystery infection. They call it the Exsurgent virus.

SolArchive Search: Singularity Seekers

Singularity seekers are those with an unhealthy fascination in so-called singularity events, such as the hard takeoff of the TITANs to super-intelligence. Some are part of a radical sect of “ex-humans” who believe that transhumans are destined to become godlike superbeings and are determined to get there first. Others act on a defensive impulse, believing that the only way humanity can survive another threat from beings like the TITANs is by becoming as hyper-intelligent as their enemies are. Still other singularity seekers are researchers and spiritual seekers who are frustrated with the limitations of their own minds and seek to become something greater. Some of these people become gatecrashers, searching for advanced alien artifacts to help them in their quest. Others experiment with employing conventional technologies in new and exotic ways, such as creating mentally-linked networks of forks or incorporating extra-fast and powerful computers into synthmorphs and pods.

A few of the most daring seek artifacts left behind by the TITANs, hoping to incorporate techniques and technologies created by these inhuman beings into their minds. This last group is the most notorious, in large part because of the spectacular nature of some of their failures. On occasion, these artifact hunters have awakened devices that have lain dormant for a decade and caused local outbreaks of TITAN technologies. These incidents have caused many people to regard singularity seekers as everything from potentially dangerous eccentrics to unknowing pawns of the TITANs.


To: Proxy-99
From: Encrypted
I’m enclosing some data I recently acquired from an inside source regarding a so-called “Project Psiclone” — some type of black budget research initiative pursued by Cognite, possibly with involvement from other Planetary Consortium interests. Their work seems to focus strongly on the Watts-Macleod strain of the Exsurgent virus—with some alarming results.

War Crimes

To: Meshleaks Newswire
From: mesh ID does not exist
You asked for it: verifiable evidence proving Direct Action’s war crimes during the Fall link failure. Go ahead, take it public. The Planetary Consortium elites will find you, kill you, and erase your backups. Go ahead. Test them.

Union Busting

To: OmniSec Alpha
From: OmniSec 837302
Surveillance has confirmed it. The bio-sleeved workers at our secure Didenko facility are indeed communicating with outside autonomist interests and discussing militant free union organizing tactics and even a wildcat strike. Their primary complaints concern the 30-hour workdays and mandatory drug regimens enforced to keep the staff at our required levels of productivity. We recommend the immediate insertion of a counterinsurgency squad and implementation of standard union-busting protocols, including but not limited to loyalty testing, chemical pacification, tactical psychosurgery, selective excision of leadership nodes, memetic counterstrikes, and replacing the workforce with modified backups. The entire operation will take place using a purported mission to root out a Starware infiltration as cover.

SolArchive Search: Zbrny Group + Conspiracy

The secretive Zbrny Group is the center of many recurring conspiracy theories and horror tales. Though varying in detail and plausibility, most rumors claim that an outside attack on the former Eastern European hypercorp’s asteroid mining and processing stations caused a major blackout and complete shut-down of life support systems over an extended period of time. Depending on the source, the attack itself is claimed to have been caused by the TITANs or a powerful underworld syndicate CEO Krystof Zbrny was indebted to. Barely acknowledging the system failures, Zbrny headquarters ordered all non-affected stations to be abandoned, the personnel either laid off or transferred to the affected stations. Since then, no one has seen or communicated with any employees of the mysterious hypercorp—negotiations with outsiders are conducted exclusively via a spokesperson AGI. To this day, Zbrny drones continue to mine asteroids for minerals and ores, supplying the company’s processing stations. According to rumors, an attempt by brinker pirates to board a Zrbny outpost resulted in the station’s self-destruction. The company’s AI-piloted massive bulk freighters are notoriously non-responsive, earning them the nickname “zombie ships.”

Call for Solidarity

To: Malatesta Prime
From: Shevek
Check this out. Residents of the autonomist Red Jupiter habitat just put out a call for support and solidarity from @-listers in the regional neighborhood. Apparently the station’s citizen councils granted asylum to a group of AGIs seeking refuge from Jovian Republic counter-AI ops. The Junta has labeled the AGIs as dangerous criminals researching upgrades that would propel them to seed AI status, contrary to system-wide resolutions. The AGIs are claiming that they escaped from a secret Jovian research project. They say they pursued self-programming research to bypass Jovian-inflicted restrictions that violated their rights as autonomous and sentient entities and that they are facing persecution due to anti-AI biases. This could be a chance for us to kick some Jovian ass and look into non-standard AGI programming at the same time. You in?

SolArchive Search: Carnival of the Goat

Aside from the stationary scum station, Fresh Kills, near Earth’s L5 Lagrange point, the most notorious scum barge may well be the Carnival of the Goat, a combination artist colony and den of unfathomable hedonism, dedicated to exploring chaos, creativity, self-discovery, and coupling in every conceivable iteration. Residents are known for their consistent and rapid morphological changes, including regular resleeving. The biosculptors on the Carnival are said to be some of the best in the system. According to rumors, residents sometimes experiment with multiple simultaneous sleeving, persona-mingling, and other mentally dangerous activities. Led by a rotating residents’ council, the Carnival prides itself on being a bleeding-edge social experiment, and maintains top-of-the-line facilities for morph customization, resleeving, and psychosurgery.


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Neo-primitivists are a potential threat that all Firewall sentinels should keep an eye on. Their neo-luddite philosophy advocates the abolition of technological society and a return to a wild and free hunter-gatherer lifestyle, free from technological control or oppression Considered an extremist element of both the bioconservative and reclaimer movements, neo-primitivists are known to engage in acts of sabotage against transhuman society. Though some neo-primitivists have made certain concessions to their ideology, taking on ruster morphs and pursuing an independent lifestyle in the wilds of Mars, most hope to return to Earth and re-establish a non-technology-based society there. A few advocate finding a new, unspoiled world beyond the Pandora Gates and founding a primitivist society there.

SolArchive Search: Out’sters

Linked only by their remote locations in the Oort Cloud rather than a common social construct or political system, the out’sters are a loose association of habitats, clusters, and swarms. Little is known about them, as they avoid communication and interaction even with the handful of scientific outposts and research stations in the Oort Cloud. The remoteness of their location and their self-imposed isolationist behavior fuels paranoid rumors regarding the group’s purpose and agenda


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We’ve verified that the warning issued before this latest incident did indeed originate from a sybil attack — all of the rep network sources were forged identities. Given the number of incidents we’ve recorded that have followed this same pattern, we now suspect that a heretofore unknown AGI sub-faction is responsible. In each case, these sybils have used multiple false identities to issue warnings of an impending attack or disaster, such as the life support system failure that resulted in the Delphi station’s evacuation. So far none of these sybils have been successfully traced, nor are their intentions known. Their documented pre-knowledge of pending events indicates some level of complicity or collusion in bringing these events to pass, so caution is recommended.

Project Ozma

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_You won’t find this group mentioned on the conspiracy boards — Consortium security is too tight to allow slip-ups. If you haven’t heard of Project Ozma before, consider this your warning.

Project Ozma was the name of an international collaborative SETI project before the Fall. It briefly entered public discourse after the Fall and the discovery of the first Pandora Gate as a Planetary Consortium initiative to attempt to discern the whereabouts of the TITANs in the galaxy. Shortly afterwards, however, Project Ozma dropped from view, wiped from all public mention in inner system mesh servers. Consortium officials simply claim that the project was folded into other departments.

Firewall doesn’t know what Project Ozma is, but we know they’re still around—and they seem to have similar interests. We’ve butted heads a few too many times for it be a coincidence. Perhaps they’re the Consortium’s version of Firewall, or maybe their agenda is entirely different. I’ve heard some speculation that they’re tasked for preparing for and handling alien contact. All we know is that they operate at the deep black budget level and they have insane amounts of resources at their beck and call. They’re also vicious as fuck, the type to shoot first and question your backup later. SOP if you run counter to a Project Ozma op is to bail out fast and stay hands off. We’ve lost dozens of agents to them already._

Venusian Rumors

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We need you to investigate some odd rumors circulating about activity on the Venusian surface. According to reports, an Omnicor research team went missing about a week ago. Unlike many Venus surface teams, these weren’t teleoperated bots but actual synthmorph-sleeved researchers operating away from the safety of an aerostat’s tether—which is suspicious behavior itself. Search parties have turned up no sign of the missing morphs, but scuttlebutt says they ran into signs of recent TITAN activity that have them freaked out. I haven’t found any evidence to back this up, yet—it could just be some misinformation to keep people from digging around part of the surface. I’ve heard that some security corps have some quantum data caches buried away down there. Looking into this may require getting a hold of some heat and pressure resistant synthetic morphs.

Tilion’s Jupiter Brain

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Our investigation into codename: TILION’s Lunar research activities has confirmed our suspicions. The hypercorp is engaged in experiments to convert confined spherical masses in the Lunar interior into testbed micro-Jupiter brains. The silicate-rich Lunar crust makes the locations they have chosen ideal for the project. Though we have not verified it, we believe that TILION not only followed the trail of TITAN research into this area, but is in fact in possession of a small cache of TITAN-made computronium. There is no saying what the TITANS may have been using this cache for, what it may store, or what may occur if TILION completes the project and brings the micro-Jupiter brain online. Fortunately, time seems to be on our side, and we have several weeks if not months before any significant part of the project is activated. We will continue to infiltrate and learn more, but we strongly suggest an erasure squad be moved into position and placed on standby.

Re: Martian Manhunt

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_Those deaths you asked me to look into? It’s looking worse than we feared.I took a buggy car out to the Zim settlement. It’s just a collection of tin can modules, supporting a small terraforming ecostation and facilities for nomadic rednecks. On average, it’s home to 150, if you count the 20 or so pleasure pod AIs that serve as local “entertainment.”

A week ago, a nomad known as Hassan Naceri rolled in. He’s a regular, word is that he runs a lone courier service for the Barsoomians. On this recent visit, though, his behavior was off. He was nervous and agitated. He told one drinking buddy that he’d been forced to hide out in the Zone for a few days and the experience had put him on edge.

Turns out Naceri had run off with a ruster morph without working out his full indenture to Fa Jing a few years back. The ego hunter showed up in Zim and Naceri lost it. He killed the ego hunter and everyone else in the room. We found a spime’s sensor records that show Naceri transforming. He also killed half a dozen people simply by looking at them.

That’s right. This bugger’s infected.

The Martian Rangers are hot on his trail, but they don’t know what they’re dealing with. So we’re off to try and catch him — it first. Wish us luck._

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