Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase is a science-fiction/horror role-playing game about humanity on the brink of extinction. The price of mankind’s sins forced us to abandon Earth to the terrifying machines of our own creation, including the murderous AGI’s known as the Titans. Ten years later, the surviving members of the human race are spread across the solar system. Technology has changed the way we live, but nothing about primal human nature is different.

Key Concepts

There are a number of concepts that are important to the game. Many of these represent an advanced level of technology. For example, scanning technology allows for the mapping of the human brain and the ability to transfer that scan to other biological or digital brains. Scans can even be broadcast out to other parts of the solar system, allowing for fast-as-light travel. Similar research has allowed for the creation of Artificial Intelligence and the uplift of other species of life, including chimpanzees, dolphins, ravens and octopi.

Other ideas that are important are the political and social factions that exist. The bioconservatives of the Jovian Republic by and large reject much of the above technology as being dangerous and undesirable. The anarchists on the fringes of the system have adopted unique socio-economic living arrangements.

Eclipse Phase Products

ephase.jpgEclipse Phase is produced by Posthuman Studios. The entire line can be purchased as reasonably priced PDFs on DriveThruRPG, or at most larger game stores. If you’re not willing or able to shell out cash, Posthuman released Eclipse Phase under a Creative Commons license that allows you to download the rules for free.

Something Wicked

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