Dina Torres

The public face of Defense of Man, a bioconservative advocacy/terrorist group.


Dina Torres was a bureaucrat for the European Union in the years before the Fall. She wound up fighting against the TITANs and was severely wounded and evacuated to orbit in the final days of the Siege of Paris. At that point, she was already staunchly bioconservative, and was furious when she was re-sleeved out of her critically unstable, but original body. She mutilated her new splicer until it resembled the terribly wounded body she almost died in, and used this image to help drive her growing bioconservative advocacy.

Five years after the fall, the Planetary Consortium arrested her for causing a series of riots on Luna. She was forcibly uploaded to an infomorph prison to serve a thirty-year sentence, which in real time translated to three years. After being released, she was sleeved in a Sylph morph quietly provided to her by the Jovian Republic. Although she was offered asylum in the Republic, she stayed on Luna and organized a public advocacy group called Defense of Man.

In the last year, several attacks have been linked to members of the Defense of Man foundation, but there are only tenuous links back to Dina Torres.

Dina Torres

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