Skill Checks

Add the value of the Skill to the value of the Controlling Aptitude to get a target number.

A skill test may involve modifiers that add (make the skill test easier) or subtract (make the skill test harder) from the target number. See Below.

Roll percentile dice (D100 or D%) for results ranging from 00 to 99.

A roll of 00 is an Automatic Success even if modifiers take the target number below 0.

A roll of 99 is an Automatic Failure even if a skill is over 100.

If the number rolled is less than or equal to the target number, the result is a Success. Otherwise, the roll is a Failure.

A Critical Success or Failure occurs any time you roll doubles (22, 33, 44, etc).

Combat skill checks use a special procedure.

Skill Test Modifiers

Any number of factors might come into play when dealing with a Skill check. The GM sets the Difficult of the Check, which creates the following modifiers:

  • Effortless +30
  • Simple + 20
  • Easy + 10
  • Average +0
  • Difficult -10
  • Challenging -20
  • Hard -30

Other factors might include environmental conditions, lighting or other hazards.

  • Minor +/- 10
  • Moderate +/- 20
  • Major +/- 30

Finally, the Character can use a complementary skill to help them in a Skill Test. For example, a Character trying a Programming Skill test might be able to justify using Academics: Computer Science as a complementary skill. Bonuses from complementary skills can range from +10 to +30 depending on the value of the complementary skill itself.

  • A complementary skill value of 01-30 adds + 10
  • A complementary skill value of 31-60 adds + 20
  • A complementary skill value of 60+ adds +30

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Skill Checks

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