Action turns represent approximately three seconds of time. Each Action turn has four phases. Every Actor in combat can act in the first action phase. Actors with higher Speed stats may be able to act in the subsequent 2nd, 3rd and 4th phases.


Your Initiative stat is your Intuition and Reflexes aptitudes added together and doubled. The score can be modified by your morph, implants, psi, drugs or the impact of Wounds.

To roll for Initiative, roll d100 and add your Initiative stat. The actor with the highest total goes first, with ties going at the same time. If you roll a critical (doubles), you automatically go first. Or you can spend a Moxie point to go first. In the case where more than one character rolls a critical or spends a Moxie point, determine which of them would go first based on their rolls first, before the rest of the initiative order.

Wounds penalize your Initiative immediately, which means if could affect you before you take your turn.


Your speed determines how many times you can act during an Action turn. A speed of 1 means you can only act in the first action phase. A speed of 3 means you could act in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd phases.

Delay Actions

You may always delay acting when it’s your place in the Initiative order during a phase.. You can simply wait until later in the phase or into the next turn, but when your turn in the initiative order comes around again, you lose the delayed action. Also, if you take your delayed action in a later phase or turn, you lose any action that you might have had in that phase.

Automatic Actions

Resisting damage, from whatever source, is done without any specific effort on your part. Basic perception means you could notice important things despite the chaos around you. Any perception test that the GM calls for or that you want to take has a -20 modifier for distraction. If you want to really focus on what’s happening, you’d need to take a Quick Action.

Quick Actions

These are fast, simple actions that require minimal thought or effort. You can take multiple Quick Actions in an Action phase, usually up to three. Some examples of Quick Actions include: talking, switching a safety, activating an implant, standing up, dropping prone, gesturing, drawing/readying a weapon, handling an object, or using a simple object.

Aiming is a special case in that it is a Quick Action but requires a degree of concentration that rules out other minor actions. If you wish to aim before making an attack in the same Action Phase, aiming is the only Quick Action you may make during that Action Phase.

Detailed perception involves taking a moment to actively use your senses in search of information and assess what you are perceiving. It requires slightly more effort and brainpower (or computer power) than basic perception, which is automatic. As a Quick Action, you may only engage in detailed perception on your turn during an Action Phase, but you do not suffer a modifier for distraction (unless you happen to be in a heavily distracting environment, such as a gunfight or agitated crowd).

Complex Actions

Complex Actions require more concentration and effort than Quick Actions—they effectively monopolize your attention. You may only take one Complex Action on each your Action Phase turns. Additionally, you may not engage in a Complex Action and a Task Action during the same Action Phase. Examples of Complex Actions include: attacking, shooting, acrobatics, full defense, disarming a bomb, using a complex device, or reloading a weapon.

Task Actions

A Task Action is any activity that requires longer than one Action Turn to complete. Each Task Action lists a timeframe for how long the task takes to accomplish. This timeframe may range anywhere from 2 Action Turns to 2 years. While engaged in a Task Action, you may not also undertake a Complex Action, though in some cases you may take a break from the task and return to it later. Examples of Task Actions include: repairing a device, programming, conducting a scientific analysis, searching a room, climbing a wall, or cooking a meal.

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