Korolev Shipyards

Station Type: Cluster
Allegiance: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
Primary Languages: Russian

While it is officially known as Korolev Shipyards, everyone on Luna refers to this large station as the Yard. This zero-g station is owned by Starware and is the second largest facility for spaceship construction in the inner system, second only to the larger facility around Mars. The Yard is home to 25,000 workers, 15,000 of whom are in synthmorph bodies, and 7,000 of the remainder are in vacuum-tolerant bodies like the novacrab morph. The Yard is also home to more than three times that number of AI-controlled bots, making it one of the facilities with the highest proportion of robotic manufacturing in the entire solar system. The majority of the Yard is either in vacuum or in an inert helium atmosphere. Starware’s replacement of synthmorph workers with AIs has made the Yard the subject of continuing labor disputes with the largely synthmorph-controlled construction union. This conflict has grown worse now that Starware has started construction of a new and extremely large construction pod onto the side of the Yard.

The Lunar news media recently published several unconfirmed reports that Starware leased Factor technology and will soon start work on a relativistic starship in the new construction pod. The Lunar construction union is determined to have a large role in this massive project, setting the stage for a possible strike. Security is extremely high, for fear of both labor union saboteurs and Omnicor spies.

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Korolev Shipyards

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