Allegiance: Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
Primary Languages: English, Hindi

Shackle is the second largest Lunar city and also the most important. It is built beside the small but vital deposits of Lunar ice found in the deep craters and shallow caverns at the Lunar south pole. Shackle is the source for all water on Luna, and the settlement was established to mine and process this Lunar ice.

Today, environmental engineers working in Shackle manage this ice. The vast majority has been mined and placed in carefully sealed caverns. Ice prospectors, however, still use a wide variety of geological scanning techniques in an effort to find further deposits. Since a small prospecting company found a previously unknown and moderate-sized deposit of ice three years ago, many hope that there are still significant ice deposits to be found. At this point, though, most of the large Lunar mining firms are relatively certain that no large ice deposits remain and so they have turned their attention to eventually supplementing Lunar water supplies with off-world deposits of ice.

While Shackle was primarily founded by a consortium of hypercorps, the Indian government and several large Indian corporations both had a large interest in the city’s construction. As a result, it remains the largest center for Indian culture on Luna. Slightly more than 40% of the inhabitants of Shackle consider themselves to be culturally and religiously Indian.

Unlike both Erato and New Nectar, Shackle is not built inside and around a single large cavern. Instead, most of it consists of a series of smaller caverns that are between 200 and 600 meters in diameter, connected by a series of large tunnels. At the end of one of these tunnels is a series of eight heavily guarded and monitored sealed caverns that form the Lunar ice reserves. These caverns hold sufficient water to provide the amount needed to make up for recycling losses for the next 35 years, as well as being sufficient to make up for any catastrophic loss of water in any Lunar city. All Lunar cities also contain their own emergency water supplies, but this reserve is considerably larger and is also exceedingly well protected. If anyone gained control of this water supply, in the event of any large-scale emergency, they would be able to dictate terms to the rest of Luna.

New Varanasi, also known as the city of temples, is the most striking portion of Shackle as well as the center for Indian culture. Using water taken from the polar ice deposits, New Varanasi is built alongside the banks of a series of large canals. The central canal is 500 meters wide and emulates a large Indian river, filled with fish, river dolphins, and an abundance of other animal life. In addition to the many temples, shops, and expensive dwellings along its banks, this canal also contains a series of large islands that are home to many birds and other small animals. The largest of these islands is half a kilometer across and two kilometers long, and is home to a small herd of
Indian elephants. Attitudes towards synthmorphs in Shackle are better than in most of Luna, with those who dislike synthmorphs tending more towards condescension than active distrust

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